Welcome to my online Portfolio here you'll find my creative work from the past couple of years.

What I Do

In a word: Create. Whether it's with video, motion graphics, photography or illustration, I create stories through a visual narrative. It could be one frame or several thousand. I love the challenge of taking an idea or concept and bringing it to life. And for the past 10 years I've been helping clients do just that.


Who I Am

After graduating with a BA in Film Studies from Carleton University, I first and foremost, escaped Ottawa and it's brutal winters to settle in Toronto where I've lived and worked for the past 13 years. Since then I've had many adventures both in work and play. I've travelled to just about every continent with the self-promise to visit them all before I die.


My Work

Here is a selection of my work which includes commercial work, logos, Facebook and Twitter ads as well as personal photography and digital art.